Friday, 8 September 2017

Fourth Powerpuff Girl

OMG! I grew up watching the original Cartoon Network show, and always identified with the innocent and easily-scared Bubbles.

And of course this show did try for a reboot recently, to less popularity then it used to have. So to build up some hype, the creators are going to be introducing a new PowerPuff girl on September 17th of this year.

Originally I was going to save the PowerPuff Girls blog post for a segment of 'Are They Kawaii?' but it is going to be in today's Feature Friday instead 😄

If you already know your 'girls', then you know the main character is the redheaded Blossom, sisters with rough-and-tumble tomboy Buttercup and babyish Bubbles. And you know they're all elementary-aged little girls with super powers, thanks to their mad scientist 'dad' Professor Utonium, who accidentally spilled a mysterious chemical into the potion used to make them. So naturally, bad guys come to their town so they can fight them.

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And it's recently created an internet explosion that, on September 17 of this year, they are introducing a fourth PowerPuff girl named Bliss. Not much is known about her at this point, though she was shown briefly in a screen shot with her new sisters. She appears to be post-pubescent; taller than them, and with wide hips. She has brown skin (so implied to be a different race?) and turquoise hair, which is super kawaii-cute!

Anyway, I look forward to finding out more about her from the 5-part movie series with background information on this new character and her origins.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. And, if you enjoy controversy, YouTube is currently loaded with some very opinionated videos on this topic.

So have a great weekend, lots of love!
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