Friday, 26 May 2017

Triple Feature Kawaii (⊙ω⊙✿)

Konnichiwa everyone!

As you can tell, over the past few weeks I have let down the regular readers with the Feature Fridays. Mainly it's been due to travelling to see family, busy weekend work schedules, and [almost] health concerns. But you guys matter a lot because you take the time out of an otherwise busy day to show some love here. Thank you xo

First up we have the very versatile N.C. Whitehead (as she prefers to be called), who has single-handedly run 3 very diverse blogs - and of course my favorite is her blog called Beyond Kawaii.

Beyond Kawaii

Primarily her cute blog focuses on J-fashion, Lolita and borderline Harajuku with pink wigs, pastel tights, and frilly dresses with kawaii accessories. Although her last known post was March 22 of last year (she's a very busy person!) her blog is still super adorbs!

If you are just starting out with your kawaii style (any gender and age is welcome), then this is one of the better blogs for getting your style on!

And next up we have My Milk Toof, which is a blog about a fantasy scenario of what may happen to our baby teeth after the tooth fairy collects them. I just couldn't resist including this one because it's so quirky, funny and cute!


This artist, Inhae Lee from California, is not only great at telling stories and giving life to her childhood 'teef' (teeth with a cute kid accent), but she creates wonderful photo scenarios of the 2 teeth named 'ickle' and 'Lardee'. Enjoy!


And last but not least, we have the popular (and sooooo kawaii!) PastelBunBun.

She's known for lots of stuff on the internet already, from selling cute charms and commissioned artwork. She is most known for her avatar with the very distinctive hair pattern:

PictureA star and pink bunny on one of her 'buns', and the other hair bun has 2 hearts as barrettes. No matter the style of kawaii drawing, this avatar appears with the same hair style which is majorly loveable and charming!

In case you're wondering, the cutie behind this site is a young woman named Anna Stoll, and she hails from Michigan. And speaking of teeth (as per the feature above), currently Anna is raising money for a new smile. Well, like me, she has what a lot of people like to call 'snaggle teeth' (that actually sounds cute). This led to a gum/tooth infection which requires a root canal (so sorry Anna!) and so she is asking for us, her new friends, to help with that.

You can find her Go Fund Me page here: Please Help Heal & Save My Smile

Lots of love to you all xoxo

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