Friday, 26 May 2017

How Coffee Almost Killed Me

Hello sweet friends, thank you for being here right now. As you know, this morning was day 2 at the hospital and thankfully, everything is good again now with my health.

I went in this morning for an ultra sound (after lots of water, of course!) following some tests yesterday for everything from uterine fibroids to hemophiliac issues. On Wednesday evening, I had lost a lot of blood and became very light-headed and dizzy, which led to going to the ER on Thursday.

During the 2 days' of hospital visits and discussions with a variety of awesome nurses, doctors and technicians - it's been confirmed what my husband was saying: cut back on the caffeine. I was going through some career stresses, which was leading me to drinking on average 3 cups of coffee per day. I knew that I shouldn't have been doing this during a 'lady cycle' because it increases cramping pain, but I paid no thought to the fact of bleeding during heightened blood pressure.

Rob literally saved my life

If it weren't for his response when I told him what happened [in the bathroom after a hot bath made me bleed profusely], I may not still be around. I really don't know what the outcome would be if I hadn't taken action on his advice to go to the ER and not a walk-in clinic (or do nothing at all). And being the best husband ever, he forbade me from drinking so much coffee everyday because - along with the anxiety - it was increasing my blood pressure and causing real problems. Since that conversation, I've only had 1 iced coffee within the past 4 days. And I'm getting better.

**I apologize if this image offends you, but please note it's just medical science and part of the human body, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you for enjoying today's #Kawaii365 project:

I drew this image of my own womb after the scary incident, and all the mixed emotions and medical procedures that followed. It's pencil, ink and pencil crayons (colored pencils).

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