Thursday, 18 May 2017

Obsession with Emoji

Konnichiwa sweet lovely people!

I am excited today because I get to share my love of something well, loveable! And that something loveable is... Emoji!

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Everyone uses them - whether you're sending as a text, using one to react to a facebook post, or comment with them on Instagram - so I wanted to share with you this neat video I found from The Talko on YouTube:

Now I am not accusing you of anything wrong, nor telling you how to use emoji. They are interesting and fun and you can use them however you'd like. This is just a cool educational video.

Did you notice the poop emoji meaning 'good luck?' Who would've expected that? So now as an Irish-Canadian person, I'm going to be using the poop emoji in more interesting ways 😃

And in addition to sharing the video, I'd like to share some cool personal photos of my real obsession with emoji (you can buy them at Canadian Tire and other retailers).

I often use emoji when sharing Instagram pics

This Rilakkuma Kigurumi was one of the best things I've ordered online!

I love this laughing emoji from McDonald's

Rob won this pillow for me at Westerner Days

My hilarious hubby at our 2016 Halloween party (next to his brave mother)

This poop emoji pillow is actually very comfy haha

The above words (It Started With The Library) are made out of various emoji and this was the original name of this blog back in July of 2016 when I started it. Do you know why it's called that? Because when Rob took me to the library for an adult coloring event last summer, we happened to win a book (they had prizes) and the book was a creativity inspiration one called "Unstuck" (by Noah Scalin. I'm keeping the title short but you'll recognize the yellow cover with the shoe on it). So after reading this book I dove into a year-long kawaii art project and because this blog project started by us attending a life-changing event at our local library, it was an homage.

I soon realized that since it's specifically kawaii art and lifestyle that I do here, that the blog should be renamed and so the following month, it was. Definitely for the better.

And did you notice the word is actually 'emoji' - in our Western culture, we put an 's' on things that are considered plural, but in Japan this word is already plural and written in Romanji. It means 'picture character' and it's just by irony that it's similar to our English 'emoticon' which is like a prelude to these colorful cuties!

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And as you know, I am the author of 3 Buzzfeed Quizzes, so today you can take all 3 of them, just for fun!

Well, have a sweet day with lots of love! xoxo

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