Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Hello Candy!

Good evening sweet friends!

How are you?  And how are you celebrating Springtime so far? (just sitting here with the window open beside me feels like a celebration in and of itself).

So I didn't neglect today's #ReviewWednesday :) In fact, even today's daily kawaii project is based on it, as you can see in my Instagram picture from today:

Not too long ago, Rob & I happened upon Best Buy (electronics store) to pick up a cord and while we waited in line, I was shocked to see they sold Hello Kitty lollipops. So we got one. And not too long after that, we checked out a thrift shop here called Value Village and for only a couple of bucks, I got this collectible mini plush that perfectly matches the candy. Spooky coincidence?

So please enjoy this short little video of taste-testing this cherry-flavored sucker.

Some of my favorite candy flavors are:

-Pina Colada, or just pineapple
-Orange and other citrus

And some of my favorite types of candy are:

-Chewing gum
-Suckers and lollipops
-Pop rocks
-Chocolate [almost] anything!

Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorites are! Have an awesome Wednesday - now I'm going to enjoy this sunny and warm evening...

**I apologize for sounding condescending by explaining or describing places we go here in Red Deer. I do that because a lot of the readers of this blog live outside of Canada, or at least in regions where there are no such businesses as the ones we like to attend ^_^

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