Thursday, 9 March 2017

Being Grateful

This "me" is made from clay and cupcake sprinkles (including the heart)


if you are reading this right now, then you are very likely one of the most amazing people on this planet! I call you that because you've been loyally tuning in to this blog at least once weekly - and better yet, you've probably shared some of your favorite articles with your social media!

It's because of great people like you, that this blog currently has over 12,000 views. That might not sound like much to professional bloggers who've been at it for years. But what you may not realize [if you're just tuning in recently] is that this blog has only been around since July of last year. And in these past 8 months, I've experienced life from a whole new perspective.

I've become more open-minded, I have gained more knowledge about kawaii culture and the Japanese language. I have become a better communicator because I've gained more confidence, become a little popular in the Red Deer art community and met some amazing people (thank you!). In addition to all that, this blog has really helped me open up and blossom as a professional artist and gotten me many interesting gigs, including designing for Rosebunny Designs and other websites, and even been one of the artists for October's #AlbertaCultureDays.

You guys are the reason for my success as an artist.

And here is a list of all the other places you can find - and support - this blog's brand, and the human behind it all...



Facebook Group



deviantArt page





Fiverr (so I can do projects for you personally)

I apologize if this list seems selfish, self-serving, or nagging in any way. I just want you guys to know all the ways you can help me keep this fun little blog going, and at the same time get something nice to reward yourself, too. Thank you so much!

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