Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pretty Doll Girl Review Wednesday

Hello everyone! Welcome to February - the month of Valentine's Day, Heart Month, Black History Month, Leap Year (every 4th year we have a 29th, next is 2020), many other interesting dates and my birthday!

And today is also #ReviewWednesday - my lady-cramps are too painful to be able to focus and stay smiley during a video so I did photos instead. I very much enjoyed dressing up like this cute Lalaloopsy doll.

Created by MGA Entertainment, Lalaloopsy is a friendly plastic 'cloth doll' with flexible limbs, a tiltable head and full of fun color & very vibrant ^_^

I bought this sweetie (Crumbs Sugar Cookie is her name) at a thrift store for a very reasonable price. With her big kawaii head tilted toward me, I simply couldn't resist!

'Sugar Cookie' is like me, she sports pink hair and loves to bake! She's a fan of sparkles as seen on her dress here:

She has flexible upper and lower limbs, and her super-kawaii head can tilt in any direction, making her body language super-cute and inviting!

Her shyly inward-turned toes are covered with detailed pink shoes :)

These dolls are meticulously crafted to appear like 'rag dolls' with stitched on mouths & cheeks, and buttons for eyes; only they're high quality manufacturing.

Image result for music note dividers

And in other news, before I head out to work this afternoon, I'd like to share my super-sweet licorice candy friends for today's #Kawaii365 project (it went stale so now it's a medium):

The date is actually supposed to be a 1 (one)

And of course we're approximately a week away from our KaraokeChallenge - so make sure to fill out this survey to pick a song for me to sing!

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