Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Her First Video In Awhile

Konbanwa こんばんは everyone!

Yes I know there was already a January 31 Kawaii365 project (a rainbow made of stickers on a blue sky made of cotton candy. Yes, that happened).

I went for my eye exam today and aside from some bright lights and puffs of air, it wasn't that bad. And I learned that I'm technically far-sighted and need glasses, so when those come in, hopefully no more squinting! Anyway I made this brave 'makeup-free' video for you to better discuss our upcoming #KaraokeChallenge.

And in other news this evening, Valentine's Day is exactly 2 weeks from now, so please take a quick moment to pop by my Etsy shop where I've designed for you, 3 different Valentine's Day cards. There are also custom greetings available upon request :)

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