Monday, 27 February 2017

A New Kawaii Fashion Line

"Canadian kawaii lifestyle blogger Daryl is blazing trails. Recently she combined her love of vintage and retro fashions with the simple cuteness of this style."

The above could be the intro to an article about me someday - I wish! However, wishing is only going to get a person so far in life. That's why it's important to take action. And that's why my mother often said I sure don't let any grass grow under my feet. In other words, when there's something I want, I go get it. And I want to be an artist and designer. I love fashion, and the idea of combining art with fashion is amazeballs!

So that's why, for today's #Kawaii365 project, I combined my passions (yes I love retro fashion too!) and made these for my RedBubble shop:

Thank you for all your support and encouragement! It truly does mean a lot :)

And people have been asking me how my birthday was...

It was awesome! Rob took me to see my family (mum, Grams, and uncle) whom I haven't seen in about half a year due to health and finance standing in the way of travel. We had a nice birthday celebration where I treated myself to some cute things (I don't always shop for myself but this time I hit Old Navy for a tee shirt, Bath and Body Works for some hand sanitizers (Pocket Bac), and Chapters for some super cute scented markers!

My family gave me some neat gift cards, cute PJs with a cupcake on 'em (I love cupcakes!), some beautiful wall d├ęcor, chocolates, and Rob surprised me with the telescope I always wanted!! For real since I was a little girl I always wanted one and this was such an awesome surprise! He also got me a whiteboard for putting my magnets on to sell live this Spring. And because he knows I love coloring (I still do adult coloring sheets for you), he got me some colored pencils!! I feel so spoiled I could faint! (*°∀°)=3

Anyways, it's late at night now and almost bed time. I want you all to know I haven't forgotten about you, and it's always fun to share with you sweeties! Have a warm night xoxo

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