Friday, 9 December 2016

December Horoscopes

A few months ago, I created these super kawaii horoscopes for you to read - and by popularity (and cuteness), they are back for the holiday season!

You are a dynamic individual who knows what you want. Throughout December, you may be feeling irritable because everywhere you go, there are endless carols playing and bells jingling and everyone wants your money. Try to stay away from areas (like busy malls) that you know will set you off. Instead, try chilling with Netflix or an engaging book.

Taurus, your brain is like a living computer. Use that skill this holiday season while you shop, and you'll blow your family & friends away when they realize you saved (likely) a couple hundred dollars on knowing exactly how to budget properly. Then invest that extra cash into a savings account. You're practical like that.

You are quick-witted and often making others laugh. This will likely land you a lot of party invitations and it can get overwhelming. Sit down with a good old fashioned pen & paper and prioritize which events would mean the most to you. Then politely decline the rest and feel better.

Sometimes you feel emotional more easily than your friends. But rest assured, your best friends are the ones who 'get' you and will always be there. This season promises closeness with loved ones in a beautiful, warm environment (think glowing candles and a warm fireplace) - just try not to let the stress of the season overwhelm you. Soon it will be a new year and a fresh start.

Always fabulous, always on trend! Seriously - can anyone rock a cute jacket and knee-high boots, with a matching hat & scarf the way you do?
 I don't think so.
Indulge yourself in an amazing Christmas season, and don't be ashamed to buy yourself a little something too, when you're out at the malls. You deserve it :)

Sometimes you are practical to a fault, and you're friends don't always 'get' you. That's okay though, because when they see how detailed and meticulous your Christmas plans are, they will be thrilled to be a part of them. Virgo, there is no detail left out when you do the holidays - every tree ornament will be in it's proper place, every gift on that list will be checked off, and the food you make will be divine.

Wow Libra, you sure are blessed this time of year! Surrounded by the beauty of sparkling, colorful Christmas trees, beautifully-wrapped gifts, gentle carols playing everywhere you go, a soft winter wonderland of snow - it can be a lot of overwhelming joy to take it. Just try to appreciate every moment because alas, this time of year is fleeting!

Many professional astrologers tend to give your sign a bad rap for not being very open or communicative, and that can be a lie. When it comes to expressing your love, there is no one more intensely passionate! And this time of year, you can end up going overboard with expensive gifts, wining & dining, and mushy cards. Your loved ones appreciate all your efforts and know you mean it sincerely - just try to tone it down a bit to save some money :)

Though you mostly love to travel, this month you'll probably feel like more of a homebody than usual. A Christmas getaway would be awesome, but of course there's the family to visit, the meals, the gift exchanges, the office parties and all the stuff going on here at home. Try rewarding yourself with a small vacation in January to recoup from the 'holiday hangover'.

Quite the opposite of your friendly star sign above, you are usually a quiet homebody who has a deep appreciation for creature comforts. This season has you feeling very nostalgic for Christmases past, and remembering all the good times you've had with family & friends over the years. Try to recreate some of your favorite memories with them - and take lots of pictures, that beautiful ambience only gets created once a year :')

Aquarius, you never fail to make fast friends everywhere you go, simply because you are a natural conversationalist & a trustworthy person. Put that to good use this season and set up a fundraiser or volunteer for something near & dear to your heart. Is it animals? Or children who won't have a Christmas this year? People trust you enough to help you support a cause - if you believe in it, chances are they will too.

Hello gentle water sign. This month is a great one for you, for many reasons. You love the warm, colorful ambience of Christmas trees and fireplaces. And those sweet, warm sugar cookies and cheesy holiday movies! And a drive through a neighbourhood covered in lights. Just try not to go overboard spending on all the gifts, décor, and charities - I am a Pisces and every year I almost put myself into debt, so I started following the 'prepaid card' or 'specific bank account' plan. Have fun with this amazing season! xoxo

Thank you for taking the time to read your horoscope here! I had a lot of fun writing these, as well as drawing each sign's 'character'. If you would like to wear your sign as a Tshirt, or have a printable wall art of it, check these out on Etsy:

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Thank you! ありがとうございます。

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As always, I appreciate you all! Talk soon, sweet friends!

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