Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Busy December Day!

Hello my sweet bubblegum cuties!

I haven't forgotten about sharing with you, today's #Kawaii365 project...

Today's been fairly busy, as I'm losing hours at work and all this holiday shopping has begun to put me into debt. I have cried myself to sleep from the stress, which is also making my cough worse. I have tried to seek part-time seasonal work, and now I have turned to selling my personal belongings, so I have been spending a great deal of the day on Amazon as well as local buy/sell groups on facebook. If I can make just enough to compensate for my Christmas shopping, then I'll happily change my job situation in the new year.

Anyway, today when I was wracking my brain trying to be creative (more on that in a moment), I looked at the wrapped gifts by our tree and it came to me. So I went to the tags and drew this cute snowflake face for you ^_^

Some of you might just be tuning into this blog recently, and that's awesome! Welcome 😍

So you might be wondering why I tune in every day (even when I'm sick or sad or busy) just to draw or create something cute and label it with a 365 hashtag. You can thank a man named Noah Scalin for that. He's the artist of the Skull-A-Day project and author of books such as '365', 'Creative Sprint' and my personal favorite, 'Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing At Home, At Work, & in Your Studio'.

That book is very significant to me because in early July, my husband Rob & I went to an adult coloring event at our local library. And the coloring theme happened to be kawaii (by artist Miss Wah) and so it began. Rob & I were sitting at a very lucky table indeed, as I happened to win a copy of Noah's book! And it's been very inspiring with the various projects, meant to last for a year.

To be exact, this blog was born on July 10, 2016 (so it's a Cancer the crab).
Okay well, I have to go dry my eyes after watching Frozen (yes I got misty).

And please make sure to join the facebook group Kawaii365 and post for your chance to win the December 12 Giveaway!

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