Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Review Wednesday for November 2

Hello sweet candy friends (◠‿◠)

I didn't forget about today being Wednesday, and the Review Wednesdays. Due to an incident that occurred in the middle of the night (thankfully, my husband Rob is okay now), our sleep patterns have been altered slightly and so I haven't had time or energy to gussy up for a video. As I type, I'm for real in my PJs and didn't put on makeup for today.

So... today I reviewed these super cute scented erasers that we bought at Chapters for about $5. I fell in love with them being in little 'milk cartons'. However, I don't know why one was actually milk-scented. I was like "is that a thing somewhere in the world?"

Original packaging (they look so tasty, though non-edible)

Another step closer to opening them (can smell them all already)

Ooohh Strawberry, smells yummy!
I took the liberty of opening the juice one, the erasers are perfect cubes

I love the smell of the grape one! I could get addicted to this...

But I saved the best for last - chocolate! 
I will have to hide this one due to the brown cube looking like it could be eaten.

So I hope you enjoyed today's Review Wednesday, and will come check each week for many more!

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