Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Funny Holiday Themed Joke

Hello lovelies,

What do you call a cross between a Christmas Tree and an iPhone? See the picture below for the answer.

This morning, the local Red Deer, Alberta (Canada) hotel called The Black Knight Inn, held a Christmas wish breakfast where we got free food in exchange for a new, unwrapped toy. Very cool concept, and it was lovely in there. While we were sitting at the table listening to the awesome choir, the M/C got up and told this cute, holiday-themed joke. So I drew it out for you ^_^

Get it? 'Pine' (tree) + 'Apple' (iPhone brand) Hahaha

And speaking of the holidays - you may have noticed that this blog is now feeling festive. I went for traditional Christmas colors and hope you enjoy. Watch my Etsy shop too for the upcoming holiday clipart and greeting cards!

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