Friday, 28 October 2016

October 28 and I Made a Cross-Stitch

Hello my lovelies, you are all amazing stars!

Today I spent a good amount of time trying to combine my cross-stitching and embroidering skills to make this funny skull-o-lantern. I was inspired (again!) by the author of the book Unstuck, Noah Scalin - who is also the renowned Skull-A-Day artist. So I showed him on Instagram (a person has a right to know when they've made one feel all creative).

And I was delighted to learn that he saw it! (I always get giddy around celebs).

In other news, we got a super sweet surprise from a mystery neighbour today. I had the day off to prepare for our party (tomorrow, and yes there will be pics soon). And when Rob came in the door from work, he had a plastic bag with a box of candy bars in it. So I honestly thought he'd stopped to pick them up (is there ever too much candy?). When he denied that, we opened the bag curiously and found this nice note which reads: "A contribution to tomorrow's party. Have a great time."

There are about 72 units in this building and we invited everyone, so we will be posting a thank you note on the cork board in the lobby to see if we can learn who it was ^_^

<p>Halloween is the time of year to unleash your <strong><a href="">hidden personality</a></strong> and dress up as completely different person for a day. While your imaginary friend may be obvious because of the <a href=""><strong>costume you’re wearing</strong></a>, the <strong><a href="">candy you’re munching on</a></strong> is also revealing.</p>
And before I go for the evening, here is a cool quiz about what your favorite Halloween candy says about you!

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