Wednesday, 12 October 2016

October 12 Review Wednesday

Hello, good evening! こんばんわ

Today is Wednesday, October 12, so that means a few things ^_^

1) It's Review Wednesday again, and this time we reviewed A Couple of Squares Inc. cookies again, Autumn edition. Only instead of a video, we're doing a written one:
    After dinner tonight, Rob & I each picked a cookie to eat; he got the orange pumpkin one and I got the brown acorn one. They both come adorned with a hand-drawn kawaii icing face (as pictured). They are semi-soft sugar cookies, and I admit they are softer than the ones I sampled a couple of months ago (see the review here). They taste very sweet from very sugary icing. They're yummy, but should only be an occasional treat. I highly recommend browsing
for some really cute cookies!

2) For today's #Kawaii365 daily art project, because Rob & I were on our way to the thrift store book sale (I found two treasures too! Yay!!) today anyway, I decided to draw a kawaii book on the back of one of my business cards and then leave it tucked into the shelves for an unsuspecting book shopper (I photographed this on my lap in the car, since they don't like photos taken inside Value Village).

3) And last but not least, we're still doing our #KigurumiChallenge across social media, so let's see those cute onesies you guys ^3^

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