Monday, 17 October 2016

Are You Doing the Challenge This October?

Good evening lovelies,

Earlier this month, I challenged you to wear your best Kigurumi proudly in a public place, and have a friend snap a photo or short video of you, tagged with #KigurumiChallenge and #Kawaii365 on your social media (mainly Instagram, Twitter and facebook).

A doodle for Instagram

However, I haven't found you yet with those tags, so could you let us (the other readers) know where you are? We'd love to see you rockin' that fuzzy one-piece  (*^▽^*)

And in other news, I inadvertently stumbled across this super cute video from New York Magazine's YouTube channel. They found this amazingly Kawaii Unicorn Café!

Have a Cute Night!


  1. Ommg that unicorn cafe! It is now my dream place. I want to visit it so badly :0 That is truly awesome!

    1. I know, right? And NYC would be a lot easier to get to from here, than would be Japan. I was pleased to find it's on our continent :D