Sunday, 18 September 2016

Japanese Personality Test: The Old Story Book

Hello, konbanwa friends!

As you know, I have loved quizzes like this since I was a young girl! They really do say so much about our personalities and experiences, when thought of in metaphors ^_^

Also, if you are interested in ever visiting Tokyo, Japan someday, here is a very nice article I found on Bloglovin, from Our Kawaii Tokyo. It's about a super cute café called Kawaii Sumikko Gurashi Café. I am so jealous and haven't fantasized about something in Japan this much since I heard about Sanrio Puroland! Anyway, the cute article is here: Must hurry because as it stands, this kawaii café is open until September 29, 2016!


Domo Arigatou, have a lovely night! xoxo

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