Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Pokemon Go opinions, part 2

Okay it's been a couple of days now since I first considered installing the Pokémon Go app, which was no easy feat on a 7" Samsung tablet (I don't own a smartphone because I'm kind of hipster).

Anyway, first I had to remove a few apps I don't use, as well as some photos that were taking up storage space. That whole process of downloading the app took over half an hour and I was feeling frustrated & impatient. I still wanted to proceed.

So now the app is there, and I have attempted to open it about half a dozen times - both at home and in public places, like standing downtown, and at the Bower Mall here in Red Deer. The game opens up and goes through the Professor Willow speech each time, and takes me to an avatar creator and once I try to press okay (when done picking her features), the app stops working. I reported it to the app-maker and not sure if it will open and let me officially go beyond that...?

I can already see why/how this can be an issue with walking around. I try my best to keep looking up at real reality, but it can still be hard not to walk right into fixtures. I will have to watch myself...

On a side note - when I was a kid (circa 1998-99) the Pokémon craze that first swept Canada, was paper trading cards. They didn't interfere with walking. though it did contribute to more bullying in schools so I remember teachers having to confiscate the cards until the end of the day.

And - have you seen this video yet, of the girl playing P.G. at a Beyoncé concert? She's ignoring Bey? Even sitting so close. Now that's addictive!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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