Monday, 25 July 2016

July 25 Post - a Fun Monday!

Konnichiwa (こんにちは) everyone!

How are you today?
I am pretty good. In fact. I am actually excited. This morning I went to the nearest Dollar Tree (where my friend Mel happens to work) and stocked up on $20 of arts & crafts supplies. I feel inspired to move beyond the 2D drawings of kawaii faces (don't worry. There will still be lots of those. I have until July 10, 2017 to complete this daily project).

I went out with my giant tablet and took a horrible video of myself lol. I promise future videos of me will be much better.

And then I came home and, like a kid at Christmastime, I excitedly opened my parcel and after snapping this quick photo, I got right to work on one of the most fun-looking activities - making alphabet bracelets with letter-stamped beads. I made a few that say 'Kawaii-Luv' and when I ran out of Ls, I switched to bracelets that say 'Kawaii'. It was a lot of fun to put them in little party favor boxes (with cute animals on them) and hand them out to surprised and unsuspecting people (^ 3^)

I still have more of those super cute little boxes to hand out, too. I love how cute they are!

So... now you might be wondering: What will she create for next time?

Thank you for following on the right side of the screen, as well as using and searching #Kawaii365. I can be found on Twitter at @EtsyArtist and Instagram at @darylart_digital_onetsy.

Let me know in the comments below, if you have something similar to contribute (along the lines of Japanese or Korean culture) and I'm happy to collaborate with you ^3^

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