Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kawaii Liquid Eyeliner - A Belated Review Wednesday

Hi everyone, and welcome to another [belated] Review Wednesday! (✿◠‿◠)

 Today we'll have a brief review of this kawaii girl eyeliner that I got off of Amazon. For a homely girl, I really do love makeup and of course I love anything this cute!

First, I did a quick application video:

Sorry for it being so rushed - just as a busy person, half the battle is finding time to do stuff like this. I kept the rest of my face naked on purpose so there was no competing makeup that might take the attention off the eye liner ≧◡≦

So first, let's get the awkward close-ups out of the way, lol haha. I swept it on with a vague 'crescent moon' shape (rounded and pointing up at outer corners). Also, because I have small eyes, it's not advisable for me to let the eyeliner go right to the inner corners of the eye...

The brush was a little harder than expected, and slightly scratchy. That's okay though - I'm only saying it feels firmer on my lids, because I'm mentally comparing it to another liquid eyeliner I have, which has a very soft, pliable brush. This kawaii one is still able to 'sweep' the lid!

Anyway, in a way, this look is a more subtle take on the classic cat eye.

I bought this, because her simple and elegant cuteness was too much to resist!

I mean, just look at the beautiful details on her dress...

And those tiny, pink lips - squee!

The details on the back - small and hard to zoom in on, so here are the details:

The company is called YANQINA, they are a beauty/cosmetic company that operates out of China, and you can order online from them, here: YANQINA eyeliner dolls

I admit, before opening this, I made a false assumption that her entire 'hair' would come off. Instead, just the lid comes off and does not leave her 'bald'. You can see the line now.

Here are some other varieties of her:

I also noticed, when the bottle moves, this one has a shaker/mixer - reminds me of older bottles of nail polish and brings back memories (whatever happened to those little metal beads, anyway...?)

Anyways, thank you so much for finding time to sit with me today and learn more about these kawaii lil' eyeliner dolls by YANQINA! I'll definitely be making good use of this one ^_^

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