Thursday, 7 June 2018

Hello Kitty Candy Tin - A Belated Review Wednesday

Hi all!

Thank you for tuning in here today, and sorry it's a day late. As they say - 'Better late than never, right?'

So today's 'Review Wednesday' is a Hello Kitty candy tin. I bought it for about $4 at Sunrise Records [here in Red Deer, Alberta].

The thing that really drew me to this one, was her colorful, Mexican-style 'mask face' (made me think of the movie Coco). This style has a tie to Dia de Muertos celebrations. As a spiritual person and open-minded skeptic of the supernatural, this appeals to me.

And on the back, is the manufacturer/distributor information: 

I was surprised to find that the candies inside, are orange, green and blue - there must be cultural significance to this, as per the overall style. I thought they might've been red or pink:

When you look closer, you can see that the candies are flower-shaped... which again, ties into the cultural style significance (like the flowers around her eyes):

And when I tasted them, they were all slightly sour, with a good deal of 'sweet'. Each color tasted pretty well the same (in most times, that's the case. It's just something I check for with multi-colored candies).  Now, this tin and her remaining candies, can sit in the same drawer as the nail polish which I use for adding some sparkle to Christmas cards which I make & sell.

Thank you for enjoying a [belated] Review Wednesday with me today... if you'd like a candy tin like this one, they are available at most Sunrise Records stores.

Daryl J.

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