Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Artist Gets Blasted on Reddit

Hi everyone,

Today is Wednesday and normally, we'd be reviewing a kawaii-cute item, snack, or art idea.

Today, however, has slightly darker tones.

As you readers know, my art style is cartoonish. It always has been, because I am a huge fan of cartoons. I love & collect Hello Kitty, I grew up reading For Better or For Worse by my favorite cartoonist, Lynn Johnston.

And aside from me, there are hundreds of popular web comic writers, many of which got published into books (such as Cyanide and Happiness by Rob D., Kris W., and Dave M.)

Society's current interests (anime & manga, newspaper funnies, etc.), and pop culture over the years would show that people enjoy cartoons. And there are a vast number of digital artists in our world.

So can someone please tell that to Reddit?

Part of any professional's growth in modern life, is the advent of the internet. Whether it's a writer's articles being shared on LinkedIn, or a singer's videos being viewed on YouTube... and Reddit shouldn't be any different in that kind of support. But sadly, they are.

This exchange between a moderator named O-shi, and me, holds nothing back.

And though, on the surface, it looks like O-shi is polite in tone, the underlying message is clear: My art style is not good enough for them. Apparently, only paintings fit for The Louvre are welcome on Reddit. And as you can see from checking out O-Shi's page, they do this to a lot of up-and-coming, very talented artists. Enough.

Readers, please note, this is not just about me. I will admit, this is not the first time they've deemed my cute, digital cartoons as not good enough and removed them, but the one in question here is a very special one, a birthday one, that I worked hard on:

And it's not just me who gets targeted this way by Reddit mods, as they like to call themselves. So today, I have had enough.

I have had enough of so-called 'leaders' (website moderators, really?) telling us digital artists & cartoonists (I include many of you in that statement) are not good enough. Or that we're spamming them, or should go back to art school, or whatever cruel words the mods choose to employ this week.

Clearly, they don't seem aware they're talking to humans with feelings. Humans with dreams & aspirations. Humans who work hard to get their art to the masses...

And it is never, ever cool to tell an artist that they make 'low quality work'. Again readers, I include a lot of you here because a lot of you, like me, are cartoonists and digital artists to some capacity.

And it's time we started commanding the respect we deserve for our work!


If this has happened to you, either on Reddit, or another sharing platform or forum, please let us know in the comments. Together, when we all speak up, this can make positive changes in how society views all aspects of art. We all matter!

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