Thursday, 12 October 2017

Review of Twozies

Hello, konnichiwa friends!

Firstly, sorry for this being a belated Review Wednesday (for yesterday). It's gotten pretty busy here lately, and the weekly review hasn't left my mind. It's still in there somewhere 😊

Anyhow, shortly after Sunrise Records opened here in Red Deer, I bought one of the sets of 'Twozies' available. I've never really heard of them before, but from what I can tell, they're really kawaii!

Normally I would do a video of the 'box opening', but I've been suffering with a period since yesterday (cramps aren't as bad today, but I still look awful!) so it's going to be in pictures:

Close-up of the box; it's about 4in and cube-shaped. I'm intrigued.

After removing the plastic, found this intriguing card that says 'two cool!'

Got the other cards out now; one is a comprehensive list of possible characters to collect.

Aha! So my 'Twozies' are in the yellow plastic (it took me awhile to figure out how to open the box).

I can see some vague facial features now...

Awww! It looks like a baby in a giraffe hat, with a panda teddy!

A close-up, which is blurry but makes them look huge :)

So it looks like I got Jangles (the kid) and Pandle (the teddy). I thought the kids & teddies were supposed to match, lol.

If you're wondering why I've been so busy, it's because I've been dealing with recent Etsy sales, and a few client projects, both on & off Fiverr. It's awesome to be so busy working, but sometimes regularly scheduled posts end up late. Thank you so much for your patience 😍

Anyhow, while I had an extra half hour, I decided to *finally get our Halloween decorations out of the trunk and put them out. I understand some people wait until much closer to October 31, or don't bother with it at all. Usually, Rob & I even have them up before his October 5th birthday. And today is the 12th! Only 19 days until Halloween (and 7 days before I paint at Art Battle International).

So here are the pictures of our condo, all 'decked out' for Halloween! 🎃

I was trying to keep it simple, but I may have gotten a little carried away with this year. Halloween is, after all, my second-favorite time of year!

And speaking of Etsy... do you love to color in pictures? Then come grab your Halloween Adult Coloring Book! Below are some examples of pictures colored in from it:

And there are many more to enjoy!

Thank you for joining us on this lovely Thursday evening in October :) 

xoxo, Daryl J.

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