Monday, 17 July 2017

What's Cute This Week - July 17, 2017

Hello and welcome to a new spin on 'Are They Kawaii?' as I most recently was exposed to some very kawaii things IRL (in real life).

To start off, today is July 17 - which means it's World Emoji Day!!

How will you be celebrating? For some inspiration on emoji, see this cute post here.

And last night in bed, I was flipping channels and came across a very sweet game show (hosted by the forever good-looking Mario Lopez) based on the popular Candy Crush game app. I didn't know this was a thing, and it looks awesome!

Rob & I had a very nice weekend together in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. While we were there, I was visually bombarded by the large, colorful and painfully cute pool floaties of passers-by!

Though I didn't take pictures of them specifically, I thought the donut, the unicorn and the others were worth sharing with you guys!

Image result for kawaii pool floaties   Image result for kawaii pool floaties

If you live in Alberta and are planning a trip to Sylvan Lake, be sure to stop by More Moo or Big Moo for food, ice cream and some cute summer fun items!

Are you at least the age of majority (18-21+) in your region?

Okay, good. I want to tell you about a really nice scratch ticket Rob & I recently did (it was $3 and I won the $3 back too). It's called Rainbow Treasures, and it is much like the Lucky Lines scratch & win tickets, where you uncover symbols to reveal an entire line for a cash prize.

If you have access to these tickets in your region, I strongly suggest trying them! Even if you don't get a cash prize from it, the pastel visuals will give you a Dopamine and Oxytocin rush!

Thank you for your time today!

Stay tuned to this blog, as we're soon going to be introducing a new line of characters with their own blog, coloring books, web comics and tee shirts! I love designing so much, and your support is much appreciated!!

Have a sweet day! xoxo
Daryl J.

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