Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Review of a Fijit Yippit

Hello sweethearts! 💗

Recently, Rob bought me a somewhat 'vintage' (from a few years ago) toy on one of our thrift shop excursions. It caught my eye right away because it was so oddly cute. And then I began playing with it, and it still had working batteries. I tried to say I didn't need it, but Rob saw right through me and now we own it.

I haven't officially named this cutie yet, though I feel he is basically a robot dog with a Pikachu tail.

Please take a moment to enjoy his little show [for Review Wednesday]:

There will still be more weekly reviews, features and kawaii character discussions on this blog - as well as occasional challenges (like the Origami Challenge)...

I've been asked what I'm going to do when this 'year is up' for the 365-day art project... 5 more days left ⊂•⊃_⊂•⊃

And for the 6th-last #Kawaii365 project (July 5), I'd like to pay tribute to my very favorite cartoonist - Lynn Johnston. Because of my mother's collection of her work, I grew up looking at The Pattersons' comical and relatable life, which was very well-drawn. After many years of reading For Better or For Worse, and realizing that a comic-strip cartoonist can draw realistically, I became inspired.

So I'm paying homage to the lovely Lynn, who has dedicate nearly 30 years to her cartoon world, that's beloved around this planet...

These are actually the kinds of exchanges that take place between me and Rob sometimes - we tease each other often, so it seemed appropriate to put it into a panel-style comic.

Okay, tune in for the next 5+ days to see the rest of the daily art projects...

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