Saturday, 3 June 2017

We Finally Escaped!

Yes, we did it on our second try.

A few weekends ago, Rob & I went to the nearest Lockdown Escape Room place, because we really wanted to try the Floor 13 elevator room (we both have a fascination with creepy old elevators in creepy old buildings so this was perfect).

These theme escape rooms give you puzzles, clues, locks and codes to 'solve' along the way to escape - and they are designed for 6 people to work away at various puzzles with a 50-minute time frame. They allow a minimum of 2 people, which is great for a married couple with a solid foundation like ours.

What do we mean by 'solid foundation'?

Well, firstly in a room like this, the ability to communicate openly and directly is very important. Because we are under pressure in a room like this, the ability to be respectful of the other's feelings is extremely important as well. Like always.

Communication and Respect are basically 2 of the corner stones for a healthy marriage. It may sound silly, but spending 50 minutes locked together, relying on each other to get out, is a real test of a relationship. Much like relying on each other during tax season.

We don't want to brag, and it's not a competition since every person and every couple is uniquely awesome in your own way. You all have amazing strengths! It just feels really cool to be one of the rare couples with a real solid friendship and mutual respect as the foundation of our marriage.

This is a Relationship Goal for you. If you're thinking of the long haul, respect in every aspect of your life together is more important than things like sexual attraction. Though we share that too!

Anyway, back to the Floor 13 Elevator Room. It felt so exciting to be successful with only asking for 2 clues and having 30 seconds left on the board when we opened the door together, that I literally jumped up and down!

Hence the above picture (of open elevator doors and me jumping with delight). After such a harrowing experience and adrenaline-boosted joy together, we decided to reward ourselves with ice cream at Dairy Queen. We walked there again since it's so beautiful outside!

Thank you, domo arigatou for reading with me today!

Sayonara with love!

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