Saturday, 17 June 2017

Letters Around The House

Today was about discovery rather than creation.

And that sense of new perspective actually greatly motivates new ideas. This is great news because soon there will be new items in my Etsy shop and RedBubble shop. I'll share when they're live.

So if you're a regular reader of this blog, then you'll know it started by motivation from author and artist Noah Scalin, when I won a copy of his book "Unstuck" from an adult coloring event (thanks to my hubby Rob's idea). And so one of the major projects in this book is called 'Urban Alphabet'. It's where you find all 26 letters (and extras if preferred, like numbers and grammar) in your environment. I had been putting it off because I envisioned it having to be while outside. And then today it dawned on me...

I could do this around the house!!

Can you guess how long it took to photograph all these items?  (Correct guesses will get you a coloring sheet, so let us know what you think is the answer in the comments below).

And if you're curious about what each 'letter' is, then here's a list of each household item:

A - my Eiffel Tower trinket box
B - heart-shaped salt crystal lamp
C - handle to a record player
D - side of electric shaver
E - the side of our front hall table (structure)
F - a toothbrush
G - a roll of clear tape
H - close-up of an H-shaped textile
I - my husband's work tie
J - a small wall hook
K - open pair of scissors
L - hands on a clock (what good timing, haha)
M - piano keys close up
N - a skinny wooden dog figurine
O - a kawaii donut
P - part of a cordless phone bases
Q - the toilet flusher
R - Febreze can close up
S- laundry hook
T- handle of a water jug
U - little hook on back of trash can
V- lampshade
W- close-up of diffuser sticks
X - my keyboard stand
Y - side of a remote caddy
Z - my left foot (in my house sandals)

Wow - it looks like I'm obsessed with the Roman alphabet here!

So for today's #Kawaii365 project, I made the word Kawaii out of the alphabetical items pictured - this was by far one of the cooler and enveloping projects from this book. It took real effort and made me truly think from a different perspective. I got to see our home from a perspective like a visitor or young child. And the photography of totally random stuff was fun too. Aside from drawing, I also enjoy creative processes like photography and photo editing. So please enjoy:

And in other news, there's a new type of yoga sweeping the nation, and it involves baby goats! Whaaaat? It's absolutely true! I recently heard about. At first, I thought it could be scary since goats love to head-butt. But then I saw video coverage of it, and who knew it would be so cute?

Of course, baby goats themselves are super cute (with those energetic little bodies, high-pitched baa's and crazy antics) and with yoga already being very pleasurable, then this isn't surprising. Thank you for sharing this, RM Videos!

Thank you for reading here today - have a great day xoxo

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