Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Cookie Taste Test

Hello, good evening lovelies!

Firstly, apologies for yesterday's absence here. Our computer may be 'on the fritz' and the 'Save' feature made it all-but impossible to download my own Instagram post from yesterday, for the June 27 Kawaii365 project.

I used a couple of pipe cleaners from last year's craft supply pile to make some kissing fish after a really cute nickname from Rob. I had to use an actual camera to take a photo of the screen, since our 'Save' feature is fritzing out here & there. #sadface

And for today's Kawaii365 project, same thing - I began to make it on MS Paint, and then it wouldn't save (like, at all) so I took a photo of the camel, and then tried again after restarting the computer. This time it was completed... but why a camel?

Because here in North America, we slangly refer to Wednesday as 'the hump of the week' or 'hump day' for short. Probably the same in the UK.

And being that it's Wednesday, today is also another Review Wednesday, and again we're trying some delicious cookies from A Couple of Squares, Inc.

See the October cookie review here

And the original cookie review here :)

And before I go for the evening, just want to share something really nice that I found today while catching up on all my correspondence (it's very busy running multiple shops and doing custom/commission work). Being featured means a lot, thank you so much Marilyn Cornwell 💗

One of the items from my RedBubble shop (KawaiiNMore), the Sweet Kawaii Strawberry design, got featured on a group for Canadian Artists. No matter how many compliments or features my work gets, it feels new each time and I appreciate all of you fans and supporters!

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