Thursday, 29 June 2017

4 Personality Types

Today we're going to discuss 4 major personality types found in most societies, because this notion recently dawned on me while observing others in daily life.

As you may know, I work in a retail clothes store and see all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds. And 4 main types of people have become evident:

1) The Leader

This person is likely a quick communicator, keeping their speech not only simple (less is more), but also speaks in lower tones and can be intimidating. They are not afraid to boldly look people in the eye, and often exhibit open body language. In most times they seem to be in a hurry because their time is very valuable. Appearing as though they have nothing to lose, these personalities are often brutally honest.

You'll often see them in positions of management, CEOs, executive positions at TV stations and publication houses, and often in sales because they are direct and to the point with other people. They ooze pure confidence.

2) The Follower

This person accounts for the majority of society. It's safe to say that approximately 80-85% of humans instinctively want to live like other humans. Not only is it a bonding experience to mirror others' feelings and actions, it's also a necessity for our well-being to belong to a group or person. 'Follower' personalities tend to be very popular among peers because they make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. They make great employees at any company because they have no problems following rules that were already set in place. In fact, the rules offer comfort because of structure.

Likely most of your friends are this personality type, which is why you all get along so well. The last thing they want to do is offend someone, because they don't want to end up feeling like a social outcast. And they (like the majority of us) enjoy catching up on their dose of celeb gossip - who does Taylor Swift hate now?

3) The Rebel

Rob & I are both this personality type, which is a big part of the attraction.
"Not a leader, nor a follower" is our motto. It's not that we don't fit in with society, it's just that rebels tend to have big ideas and are visionaries (like Albert Einstein). It's this trait that makes it difficult for us to be subordinate or in a position of power. Rebels see people as all fundamentally equal, regardless of title, social status, income, physical appearance, age or gender. So don't be offended if you're older or richer than us and that gets overlooked. We're showing real, genuine respect by treating you as an actual person.

Rebel personalities often don't want to work 'for the man', and we've got better things to do with our time than climb corporate ladders. Often times you'll find rebels working as professional freelancers, small business owners/entrepreneurs, designers, artists, musicians and writers.

4) The Nurturer

This personality type, sadly, makes up less than 10% of our total population [in Western society]. You can immediately recognize nurturers by their genuine kindness toward others. While some people may appear to be humoring others to be liked, a nurturing person is more interested in your feelings of well-being than their own.

If you are lucky enough to know one of these true gems, whenever you are in their presence, you never want to leave! They dote on you, and make you feel very special. It is a good idea to do something nice for them in return to show gratitude!

When a nurturer has something to say to you, they will likely be the opposite of 'the leader' - rather than just speak their mind, they'll go to great lengths to not accidentally offend or hurt feelings.

You'll likely find these personality types in healthcare, psychiatry, teachers, and working with animals and children, as well as advocating and humanitarian careers.

*It's important to note that of these 4 personality types can easily cross over into each other, which is very common. For instance, I'm a combination 'rebel' and 'nurturer'  😃

And after doing one of the projects from the book that started this blog, I became inspired by 2 very different things that I never would have normally put together... rabbits, and outer space!

This odd combination is because today I had off work, and before going to visit my husband for lunch at his workplace, I took myself to the nearest mall that has a Bath & Body Works because I needed some new hand sanitizer. I then walked around the mall while listening to a music device (songs give me more creative inspiration). In addition, I took the city transit to downtown and spent some time at the library before going to see Rob. I filled my head with all sorts of notions and concepts. So then this happened.

Thank you so much for being so loyal, you are appreciated!
xoxo Daryl J.

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