Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Too Much on My Mind

Good evening sweeties!

First of all, I'd like to let you know there's not going to be a Review Wednesday video for today, mainly because I took an extra shift at work. And also because...

No - I'm not drunk, lol. I'm just tired and have way too much on my mind right now! Actually, though there is no alcohol involved, I do feel intoxicated in a way.

Firstly, my mum is in the hospital today for a gallbladder surgery. She reassured me it's pretty routine, but who wouldn't be worried about their mum having surgery, right?

It's also insanely humid in our condo right now, because there's warm rain in the air this evening. Even with windows open and wearing what I'm (hardly) wearing, I feel all sticky.

I've been up since early for a surplus shift today, and for health reasons I've cut back on evening coffees, so I'm still getting used to less caffeine.

And on top of all that, I'm trying to finish up another eBook for my Etsy shop. This one is about easy and cheap house cleaning tips. It will be available for you soon 😃  It requires thinking as I edit it, and add additional tips for you.

So please stay tuned for next week's #ReviewWednesday

And yes, we are starting the #OrigamiChallenge as you can see on Instagram.  You are welcome to join in with your own origami creations any time!

Sayonara with love! xoxo

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