Sunday, 14 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Hey you - are you a new mommy? Or, have you been a mother for a long time now? Are you an aunt or grandmother raising a young'un as your own? Well, no matter what kind of mum you are (or, even if you are not a mother, you definitely have one) today is a day worth celebrating!

My mum, Glenda, has been an awesome mother for 29 years now. She's always been more like a big sister to me, and I recall many times when we did 'girls spa days' together, talked for hours about boys, enjoyed movies and outings together, and well, you get the picture. That's why I did this illustration of her hugging me when I was a child. She was always my comfort and solace after a bad day. Always the one to bandage my wounds and say it would get better.

And as you already know from recent posts here, Rob & I went to pay my family a visit to celebrate Mother's Day together. And while he & I stayed in our hotel, I still found inspiration for cute art all around us, especially since we also went out and about to see old haunts and visit old co-workers.

Made good use of one of the hotel writing pads. It's me enjoying a soft hotel bed!

We stopped for a coffee date and got inspired again.

Bought these 'scratch pads' at Indigo books. So awesome to 'draw' in rainbow.

Since I bought a pack of 8 (1.95 CAD), I'm finding new ways to share them in public.

Oh and, at one point when we visited a mall where I used to work (3 different jobs there over about 4 years) - we saw a super kawaii toy store with Hello Kitty and Pusheen in the window. Couldn't resist the *squee* of excitement!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's #Kawaii365 project, and for Wednesday's Review!

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