Thursday, 6 April 2017

Less Sick and Wearing Socks

Konnichiwa, hello!

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This morning I woke up feeling significantly less sick than yesterday. I was not only able to mostly sleep through the night last night - this morning I had a waffle for breakfast and it was one of the best I ever had, because I could eat again! I have taken more ginger medication as well as ginger ale and it's definitely helping.

I also had some strawberry yogurt last night to make my intestines stop twisting themselves in knots! That helped, as well as sipping water mixed with lemon juice for antibacterial properties and peppermint tea with honey to help soothe my inflamed tummy. It was all effective because this morning I feel about 80% better and am still working on it.

So today before I head out to work, I'd like to share my new kawaii ice cream socks from Old Navy. My first thought before I bought them was that they reminded me of my first modelling clay project for this blog last July (2016). So you may recognize this clay ice cream cutie that I incorporated for comparison - and to highlight just how damn cute these summer socks are!

You can get a whole pack of 3 of these style socks at any Old Navy in North America for about $6.94 - they come in many varieties including kawaii watermelons and even avocados! So pick what you love and proudly wear it!

Daryl J.

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