Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New eBook On The Way

Hi everyone!

Firstly sweet friends, I'd love to thank you for your endless patience and eagerness to see what's next on this colorful little blog 🍓

As you know, now that it's ~OFFICIALLY~ Spring time, I've been a busy little bee, buzz, buzz, buzzing away with creating the Garden Bugs coloring book for my Etsy shop (DarylArtDigital), and also writing a following up eBook to the 2016 hit, Living Frugal: Almost 100 Tips on How to Save Your Cents and Sanity in Our Modern Economy.

Available on Etsy here

I've been reminded that it's not easy to just suddenly change our financial habits at the drop of a hat, so with months' of research from other authors, in every industry from finance to self-improvement to health & fitness, I've gathered some tips about neuroplasticity and paradigm changes, for you to apply to your lifestyle and make it that much easier to save your hard-earned money. So please watch for that eBook coming soon to the above Etsy shop. I've spent a lot of time writing for it, which is why I've been away from this blog for so long. Spring time really energizes me and suddenly my inner creator comes flowing out 💮

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And in other news, on March 16 I was absolutely honored and stoked to be asked to be a part of Art Battle Red Deer (hosted by Art Battle International, and held at Bo's Bar & Grill here in the city). Because it was a nervous night, I wasn't sure what to expect (plus I worked my minimum wage retail job earlier that day), I was a tad stressed so I vowed to make the painting the March 16 #Kawaii365 project, and here it is for you guys:

Photo courtesy of Joe Larsen, Art Battle International

Can you believe that this mermaid (my obsession as a Pisces) was painted in only 20 minutes? To be honest, I didn't think it would be finished in time, lol. So grateful that it was :)

It was such an awesome event, and if you're an artist as well and would like to give this a try, then check out https://artbattle.com/register/ so you can show your talent and have fun doing it!

So on the subject of mermaids, you'll notice that the last few projects I've done, were based on them:

I drew this for My Under the Sea Adult Coloring Book (Etsy) and colored it too.

And this recent kawaii project:

So with that being said, why does everybody want to be a mermaid? Here are some reasons:

  1. They have no legs that need shaving (no need for body hair in the ocean anyway)
  2. Their hair is always moisturized, so no worries about split ends or any other hair woes.
  3. No periods = no cramps. Yes please!
  4. They don't need to worry about tight, painful shoes. If they find shoes at all, they can collect shoes and worship their beauty, even if it's not their size.
  5. They don't need to worry about bad makeup days - the glistening water contributes to their natural beauty. And when they do emerge from the water, they get sun-kissed too.
  6. They can go topless if they choose, and it's not illegal. The mermales are used to that and would likely treat them with respect too. Like seriously, their gorgeous hair covers them!
  7. If they are fans of sushi, it's readily available to them. Like, seriously they've got the seaweed and everything if they want to cook!
  8. Mermaids wouldn't need to do housework like dusting, vacuuming or laundry!
  9. They don't need to work day jobs and can spend the whole day enjoying leisure.
  10. It's a given they're all great swimmers and would get fabulous abs from it.
  11. They can stay in the water as long as they want and don't need an oxygen tank.
  12. Pet fish are entirely possible, without ever having to clean a smelly tank!
  13. They could go pet a dolphin whenever they feel like it :)
  14. If there's danger from sharks, they can quickly get themselves up on land and they can breathe out of the water just as well. They can even enjoy the beach and sunbathing.
  15. Mermaids would always have a stunning, beautiful view.
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And there are just a couple of other #Kawaii365 projects to share for the past couple of days (sorry, working on a new coloring book AND a new eBook for my Etsy shop, plus new fashion designs for my RedBubble shop has kept me super-busy lately).

Enjoying a delicious 'Mean Mocha' today :)

This was made with modelling clay, pipe-cleaners, stickers and cupcake sprinkles - all from the dollar store!

So now I am going to make some supper - I love blogging with you and am looking forward to our next post ^_^ (I will have today's and tomorrow's #Kawaii365 project on the March 22 post).

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