Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Motion Picture Soundtrack

I love those 3 words, because they sound so dramatic together. It's a great way to describe the beautiful, powerful and exciting songs that inspire us in our favorite films and which are easy to sing along with :)

And because we recently went to see the live action Beauty And The Beast, I got the privilege of falling in love with some classic songs all over again! And, some new ones too - which is why today's #Kawaii365 project is my reaction to everyone ever who thinks this movie has one "best" song in it (spoiler alert: they are all the best!)

And if you're still waiting (or, eagerly anticipating) the 2017 version of this classic Disney romance, here are some of the songs to tide you over. But if you want to hear any of the new ones added for this storyline, you'll need to get thee to a nearby theatre to hear them 😉

Have a Terrific Tuesday! xoxo

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