Thursday, 30 March 2017

Moe Usagi Girl and Patreon Stuff

I recently learned that the super-adorable anime girls I watched in 'Is This Order A Rabbit?' would be considered 'Moe Kawaii' (that is, that they're feminine, soft, adorable and sexy). And Usagi is Romanji (Japanese written in Latin letters) for rabbit. Bunnies are unbearably adorable and sometimes it's hard to take 🐇

So with all this recent inspiration, I decided to draw what I might look like as a moe anime usagi girl :) That's the explanation behind today's #Kawaii365 project:

So you may be wondering how she was drawn? Here is the process:

With a pencil, I drew a light, head-shaped outline until I got the angle right. Then I made some faint, quick lines to form her 'skeleton' for the body pose.

Then with a slightly darker pencil stroke (I used 2 pencils), I made the circular shapes and drew the basic face, hair style and clothes. From here I inked it with a black gel pen and let it dry.

And then my very favorite part - using the high-grade pencil crayons my husband Rob got for my birthday in February! I learned how to do this from a book about kawaii and manga art.  My work isn't perfect, but it sure was fun to do (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I'm also inspired by some of my fellow Patreon artists, who work very hard to be awesome!

Now I'd really like to see your anime-style self portraits, so please share them on social media and tag #Kawaii365 so we can enjoy your talent and feature you on this blog! xoxoxo

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