Friday, 24 March 2017

How To Make Bad Visual Puns

Hello and Happy Friday everyone!

First of all, I'd like to share my horrible visual pun based on the romantic Disney live-action remake, which Rob & I are going to see tomorrow to celebrate our 9 years of meeting! That's right - we met on March 25, 2008 at a staff meeting. I couldn't take my eyes out of his, and spent most of the day feeling giddy. Somehow, I already sensed it in my heart that Rob was 'the one' and that we'd get married someday 💖 💑

So if you can guess the title of this bad pun, I'm going to send you a coloring sheet to say congrats!

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And in other news, today is also Feature Friday for March 24.

Today we'll be meeting the artists behind the cute animations on YouTube called Dino Dino TV. Though the intentional 'childlike' drawing style isn't considered typically 'kawaii' - it is extremely cute and interesting enough to be featured on a kawaii blog! I must say the people behind these videos (from Columbia) are talented (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The music alone is adorable and is reminiscent of lullabies.

Here is one of their most popular videos for you to enjoy!

I love the Super Mario inspiration. See more about Mario & friends in this Are They Kawaii? post here.

So as you can see, Laura Rain (the main artist behind Dino Dino TV) has a whole series of little clips that go in order and tell a story. Definitely worth adding to your list of interesting things to watch on YouTube :)

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And if you've been following my blog and social media regularly, then you probably already know about my Patreon page and how important it is to making sure that there will be kawaii themed pin-back buttons available at the Spring time art sale (in late May this year). I've been a busy little bee preparing for it, and I've chosen Wacky Buttons as the production company. I will need $40 to be able to order the amount I need, which will then be sold for $2/each so I can make a small profit and put it toward savings.

All I ask of each Patron is only $1/month - if you share with your social media, and then your friends share... well, that can be super helpful and super quick!

It's a win-win situation because for you, that's only approximately 3 cents a day to show your love, and you will get monthly hand-drawn coloring sheets to say thank you!

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So have a great weekend everybody! I won't be on here tomorrow because it's a very special day for me & Rob. We're celebrating almost a decade as a couple (though it still took us 5 months before he asked me out with the charming line: "I'd ask you out, but isn't that illegal?" - tune in for a future blog post explaining what he meant).

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