Thursday, 23 March 2017

Celebrating Spring The Right Way

Hello sweet candy friends!

It's funny that we mention candy, because that's what you might be getting soon. This blog is going to be doing a giveaway soon, but in a slightly difference sense - if you live in Red Deer, Alberta then there is a chance that you may encounter me handing you one of these cute little Spring boxes:

These 8 little boxes are filled with the Easter egg-style M&Ms as seen below. They do not have peanuts in them. (there are only 8, so I really hope you receive one - or, have received one if you're reading this in later March).

If you look closely at the above picture, in the top-left corner you'll see our fridge. On it is a picture of me with an 'Easter bunny' last year... well, that 'bunny' is actually my husband at work in 2016!

And the feeling of renewal from a new season has inspired the cute 'baby chick' as today's #Kawaii365 project: marker on a candy egg (like the above ones).

Image result for easter egg divider

And for those of you who are curious about my Patreon Page and how you can support all the work that goes into this blog, here is the latest post from that page: - It's about how with your love (thank you for sharing it!) this girl's dreams of being an artist are becoming a reality. Thank you 😍

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Thank you so much everyone!

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