Thursday, 2 February 2017

Well, This is Odd

Hello friends!

Today I'm going to start our Thursday (Groundhog Day!) post on a sad note so we can only get happier from here. I always check my emails when I get up with morning coffee - and then I check them again a little while later. And today, I got a sad email from Amazon Affiliates cutting me off from their platform because I didn't direct anyone to them.

It's not that I didn't try - after all, it's the reader's responsibility for their own shopping. So that's the end of a chapter in my life, and you'll notice this blog has since been voided of all the sidebar ads from Amazon. Their loss.

The above wording kind of doesn't even make sense; it was more than just an application, lol.

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Okay so as we approach Valentine's Day (February 14 in most countries, it may vary), I'd like to share your romantic horoscope 💛 💛

You are a dynamic individual who knows what you want. Your favorite color is red, you love to make passionate love, and you're sexy by nature. So Valentine's Day seems to be naturally easy for you. Just try not to overwhelm your love interest if this is your first shared February 14 together. And if it's not your first Valentine's Day together, it's still just as spicy!

Taurus, your brain is like a living computer. With that being said, though you may not be very emotionally expressive - you are great at picking the perfect gifts, cards and Earthy delights for your sweetheart because you can calculate this holiday to perfection. Don't be afraid to share your sensual nature and love of human touch.

You are quick-witted and often making others laugh. You also have such a strong gift for communication that I recommend you consider serenading your significant other with a song. Either write them one, or do an acoustic cover of their favorite love song of all time. You'll be rewarded ;)

Sometimes you feel emotional more easily than your friends. But rest assured, your best friends are the ones who 'get' you and will always be there. And chances are, being the true romantic that you are, your very best friend is also your lover. Your significant other and long haul partner. This February 14, encourage them to open up entirely to you as you massage them.

Always fabulous, always on trend! Try not to over-spend on Valentine's Day stuff this year (I know, I know Leo, that's easier said than done with all the nice, romantic displays in stores). Ask for jewelry or cologne, and in exchange, try giving them a very special gift from your heart. They'll appreciate your sincerity.

Sometimes you are practical to a fault, and you're friends don't always 'get' you. In fact, you don't always 'get' why people get so giddy and emotional over this holiday. Instead of trying go for "hearts & flowers", be true to yourself and if you're in a relationship, just chill and be real with your partner. Nothing is sexier or more romantic than genuine, spontaneous time together.

Wow Libra, you may very well be the most romantic sign in the zodiac and so it would be no surprise if you pulled out all the stops and went the whole nine yards for your lovely partner. Just make sure you plan ahead and keep a budget. Some stuff is better done home-made, and your romantic nature will still shine through.

Many professional astrologers tend to give your sign a bad rap for not being very open or communicative, and that can be a lie. When it comes to expressing your love, there is no one more intensely passionate! For you and your partner, February 14 can be an amazing 'private time' shared by the secret club of just the 2 of you. Don't worry if you'd rather spend physical time than spending money, since most don't admit it but that's what your partner likely wants, too.

Though you are known for being a cool-headed free spirit, you pine to belong with (not to, with) a partner this February 14. Sure going out with friends on that evening can be fun too, but there's just something so nice about romance. Crushing on an office cutie? Ask them out and woo them just in time for Valentine's Day!

Quite the opposite of your friendly star sign above, you are usually a quiet homebody who has a deep appreciation for creature comforts. That's why it's not at all out of character for your romantic gift to be a home-cooked meal and Swedish massage for your very lucky partner. And remember to top off your sexy time with chocolates...

Aquarius, you never fail to make fast friends everywhere you go, simply because you are a natural conversationalist & a trustworthy person. Your partner may feel that your cool-as-a-cucumber nature makes you unromantic, but they just don't always know what you're feeling inside! You have very strong emotions and in order to express them, you may need to write your partner a poem or plan a big proposal (if you're not yet married or engaged). And I'd like to say 'Happy Birthday Month' if you were born on or after February 1).

Hello gentle water sign! Not only is it exciting that this may be the month of your birthday, but there's probably not a Pisces alive who doesn't adore February 14 - the hearts, the pink & red, the romantic music, the rose petals, the cinnamon hearts and all the chocolate!! In fact, to dreamy people like us, any day could be treated like this. If you have a partner, they're very lucky to be with an erotic and romantic person like you. 

If you are a fan of Astrology, consider getting yourself your own sign on a tee! Check out the KawaiiNMore RedBubble shop here:

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Later this month (in a few days actually) we will be enjoying the #KaraokeChallenge hosted by this blog - that means you'll pick a song from this list here, and then I'll sing it for you! Date TBA and depends on your willingness to help pick a song ^_^

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Today's #Kawaii365 project is a continuation of a common theme I've been developing over the last few days - with a smiling lollipop IRL (in real life), then a sky made out of cotton candy and eventually smiling licorice. So today is a digital rendition of a kawaii sucker!

What can I say? I just love candy! It's sweet, it's fun, it's colorful and yes in many cases, it's cute!

You're cute, too! xoxox

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PS - Rob & I will be away for the weekend to celebrate his 20-year anniversary at work (the same company where he & I met). So the next post will be after the weekend (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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