Friday, 3 February 2017

Feature Friday for Mochi Mochi Land

"Let's Make Happy!"

That is their wonderful, friendly slogan at MochiMochiLand, a very kawaii craft site.

I love this site because of it's simple layout, and yet it's very complex. It was founded in 2007 by Anna Hrachovec from Chicago. She wanted to make a place where crafters of cute knitted toys could all come together ^_^

Like me, she finds inspiration in cute Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty (who doesn't? So cute!)

anna This is Anna here, holding one of her cute knitted dolls. Since starting, she's been featured on various children's shows, Martha Stewart's show, and other programs. Way to go! In addition to that, she's also written five books on patterns for creating new cute stuff!

Anna is a very impressive woman because she's determined to follow her dreams, and I totally respect that. This is what us Kawaii-dults (adults who live a cute lifestyle) do - we follow dreams.

In addition to a shop where you can buy some of Mochi Mochi's cute works, there is also a how-to section if you want to try your hand at some own. There is totally something addictive about crafting!

Her work is called Amigurumi 編みぐるみ, a type of crocheted toy popular in Japan

Anyway I have to go to work this morning and then Rob & I will be celebrating his 20-year anniversary in the same company where he & I eventually met in 2008. So proud of how far my husband has come!

Have a great day everyone!

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