Thursday, 26 January 2017

Kawaii Project Number 201

I know, right?

I can't believe it either (can almost feel the stunned look on your face). How can today's illustration be #201 already?

In July of 2016, after an adult coloring event at the central library here led to Rob and me winning a copy of the Noah Scalin book "Unstuck", I became inspired to start a year-long art project of my own, based on none other than kawaii cuteness! And look how far we've come. Thank you so much for your support of this project along the way.

So after over 6 months thus far, here is today's project - it's the word 'Kawaii' written in Japanese Kanji. Did you know that 'kawaii' comes from various Japanese words meaning everything from 'face all aglow' to 'bright, overwhelming, and glittery'? These are approximate translations. It can also be translated roughly to 'able to be loved, and to love' - it all depends on which characters are used.

And in other news

We all have a spirit animal. That is, we all possess certain 'animal traits' that guide us through life. Some people may have the eyes of an eagle, or the memory of an elephant. The sleekness of a panther or the confidence of a lion - you get the point ^_^

Well,  last year my husband & I went to see this cute animated Disney film called 'Zootopia', in which a bunny named Judy becomes a cop in a New York-like city filled with all the animals and habitats you could think of. She teams up with a sly fox named Nick and together they solve a major mystery. And I recently re-watched it and that's when I realized...

My spirit animal is Judy Hopps!

Image result for judy hopps
Copyrighted to Disney and Pixar Studios

We have these traits in common: Deep inner strength, belief in one's self, open-mindedness, friendliness, determination, high intelligence, sense of justice and dislike being referred to as 'cute' (well, when it's meant in a condescending way).

And speaking of animals - take my 'Which Kawaii Animal Are You?' Buzzfeed quiz here

Image result for music note dividers

So as you know, we're fast-approaching the #KaraokeChallenge where you pick a song for me to sing from this list, and then when I've done it, I can challenge you back and we'll use the hashtags pictured below to share our work!

Image result for music note dividers

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Thank you as always, ありがとう for reading and being so loyal! I appreciate you so much!

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