Friday, 23 December 2016

Only 2 More Days Until Christmas!

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My friends! I'm suspecting you are probably equally as excited, that we have only 2 more sleeps until the big day! Hope you're having a very happy Christmas Eve Eve.

We're doing our last-minute preparations, like signing the last cards, decorating our cookies, and picking our outfits for tomorrow's big family dinner.

And I haven't forgotten about you guys! I took another one of my kawaii Christmas cliparts and turned it into an animated GIF for you (it's all a-glow).

I also really enjoyed drawing the 'Frozen' greeting card characters for you too (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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And today is Friday - normally for #FeatureFridays I would feature a female kawaii artist, either with a YouTube channel, Etsy shop, or other type of site about kawaii cute crafts & fashion!

And this evening, I'm doing something a little different for you...

We will meet the "Ambassador of all things kawaii", and to much relief, he is a 46 year old man. We as adult fans really appreciate when there is one confident enough to come forward and own it!

His name is Sebastian Mesuda, and he's a contemporary artist & designer. He is widely recognized in the kawaii fashion scene for his glasses, big hat and colorful bowties.

ON HIS BAG: I usually do not carry much around. But as I am travelling, this bag is convenient as it can carry more. I took along about 20 bow ties for the trip.

Sebastian, or Mesuda-San which is more respectful, can likely be credited with helping to share cute Asian culture with Europe & North America over the past several years. Currently, he's working on a time capsule project around major world continents - where the capsules are shaped as cute pop culture icons like Hello Kitty or Domo. Eventually, all these capsules are to return to Tokyo in 2020, and put away for future generations to appreciate the culture of cute & fun!

You might be interested to know that Mesuda-San started the fashion label, 6%Dokidoki, in Harajuku in 1995. We have a lot of culture & fashion to thank him for. He also works as an art director for cute and fun music videos.

Thank you for reading - I'm back tomorrow morning briefly, and then I'll see you after Christmas.

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