Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hello Kitty Candy Review And a Buzzfeed Quiz, Oh My!

Good evening, konbanwa friends!

It has been an eventful day, now that I've gotten most of our housework done. I had time to do today's #ReviewWednesday as well as, for the #Kawaii365 project, I decided to make this Quiz on Buzzfeed, where the results are 5 cute animals - a kitty, a puppy, a hamster, a panda, + a unicorn. Which one will you be?

One of five possible results for today's #Kawaii365 quiz

And in addition to the above snapshot, here is today's video (it's Wednesday!)

Hope you enjoy both and please don't hesitate to share your quiz results in the comments below this post. As well, there is a survey along the side if you'd like to share some opinions and make suggestions for this blog ^_^

To the survey!

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