Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Hamster This Time

Hello! こんにちは

Remember in late July, when I did a cute picture of a hamster? Hamsters are a staple animal in the Kawaii lifestyle. Just ask Hamtaro!

And, remember when I said that some of this month's #Movember projects would be a re-hash of my more popular #Kawaii365 cuties? Well, this is one of them:

I know a lot of my time was recently taken with making our bathroom clean and beautiful, and now it is. That nice hot shower was totally worth all the work of hauling, scrubbing, cleaning and replacing the bath mats and shower curtain.

And now, a lot of my time will be going into a new project for my Etsy shop. It's going to be a color-your-own calendar, so I need to finish inking the 12 months (pictures).

Have a great night my lovely friends!

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