Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Review Wednesday on October 26th

Konnichiwa my friends! ^_^

I didn't forget about today's review; we just got busy with stuff so I filmed in the evening instead.

With Halloween 'creeping' so close, it just seemed appropriate to talk about a spooky doll from the original (2010) Monster High (TM to Mattel) doll collection. And my doll is none other than Draculaura!

Image result for draculaura Some random fun facts about her below:

  • She is the daughter of Dracula.
  • She has a pet bat named Count Fabulous.
  • Draculaura cannot see her own reflection in a mirror.
  • Her eyes are violet.
  • She's 1,600 years old (16 in undead years).
  • Though she is a vampire, she cannot stand blood, like, at all.
  • She is dating a werewolf, who is the brother of her best friend.
  • Without an umbrella, Draculaura cannot be in the sun too long.
  • Her accent is of Transylvania.

And here is the video review of her + accessories:

And to top off today's blog post, I also made my #Kawaii365 cutie in the style of Draculaura + Count Fabulous.

PS - though she wasn't drawn in typical 'Japanese cartoon' fashion for the Monster High animated series, she is very popular in Japan and throughout Asia (same with her cute high school monster buddies). Is it because with her long, attractive body and big, animated eyes, she could be considered a Moe kawaii girl?

*Names, song used, and first image above are licensed to Mattel, Inc.

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