Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween is Tomorrow!!

Hello, konnichiwa!

So we are caught in limbo this evening, between 'weekend Halloween' and actual Halloween. Like most people, Rob & I hosted our Halloween party yesterday on October 29 because it was Saturday... and tomorrow, after we work, we're probably going to check out one of those interactive haunted houses where zombies jump out from corners and chase you (eeek!).

So as promised, here are yesterday's party pics (thankfully not more embarrassing ones). We were going for a cute 'emoji' and 'kawaii' vibe. I think we all know which Emoji Rob was being...

(I cannot believe this is already our 9th Halloween together!! We never run out of unique ideas!)

And of course, I didn't forget about the #Kawaii365 project - instead of creating a cute face, I used my own spooky mug in the semi-darkness. Since I was dressed like an eerie teddy bear and all.

Okay well, that's it for October 29 news. Now here is the October 30th #Kawaii365 cutie, based on tomorrow's prospective Hello Kitty costume... can you see the ever-so-sweetly purring, sleeping kitty in this pose?

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