Monday, 17 October 2016

Celebrating My 100th Already

Hello こんにちは my friends! I am super excited today!

And that's because today, October 17, 2016 - I post my 100th #Kawaii365 face already. In many ways, it still feels like I just started this project, even though the first one was back on July 10th of this year.

Here is today's project ^_^

The above project was made with nail polish on a 'sticky note' paper, then gone over with a sharpie marker and sprinkled with sparkles (yaaayyy!)

Now let's flash back over the past 3+ months, and look at my very first cute face project:

1st on, July 10, 2016

So this one above was a doodle of a cutie on my coffee cup, after Rob & I had gone out to a café. Previously to this, in earlier July, we attended an adult coloring book event together at the Red Deer Public Library. That particular evening, the theme for the coloring sheets was, you guessed it, 'Kawaii'. That's the Japanese word meaning 'cute face' (best translation).

The thing that truly inspired me though, was that I happened to win a free copy of the Noah Scalin (Skull-A-Day guy) book titled "Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (& Keep) Your Creativity Flowing..." (long title, amazing results). And in this book, there is a suggested one creative project per week, some ranging from a minute all the way up to a day's worth. They are undeniably fun, and after reading this book for awhile, I said to Rob,

"You know what? I'm gonna do it!" And he asked what, so I told him. I decided that life is too short for me to just spend the rest of my life 'working for the man' and not following something that makes me happy. I got an Art Diploma from SCI (Quebec, Canada) in 2009 and opened my Etsy shop in late 2014. I always dreamed of writing my own graphic novels someday, plus I design fashion sketches in my spare time - so why am I not using my talent like this? Why would I not want to show the world some of the stuff I can do? Like the 1990s kids' PSA says - "No one can do everything, but everyone can do something."

I was nervous to start, because I wasn't sure how well-received this project would be. I didn't even know if I would stick to it, but I am very stubborn and not likely to give up before July 10 of 2017. Some days, I couldn't come up with a new idea, so again I would turn to the book "Unstuck" for more inspiration from the amazing contributing artists.

It's now been more than 3 months, and since starting this project:
  • I've made a few new friends (Alex, 'HP', Kara, Laura, Mike and Amanda)
  • I've learned a few Japanese words, both said and written (Kanji)
  • And also learned a lot about the 'kawaii', 'Harajuku' and Japanese culture overall
  • I've become a blogger by profession, even cutting my day job's availability
  • And tried some Japanese food, just for fun!
  • I've increased blog ideas by introducing reviews & features for others to be included
  • My Etsy shop has become more 'kawaii', including clip art and coloring pages
  • And learned some new stuff about my own creativity/learned new ways of 'making'
  • I've changed my style a bit (got my first Kigurumi which was interesting)
  • Been blown away by the immense support. Thank you everyone xoxo
  • Oh and I started a Patreon page to help keep this blog going for you

So today marks already the 100th Kawaii face project. I cannot believe I have done that many 'cute' things already. I am looking forward to more and as loyal readers, I am always excited to hear your ideas for new ones too!

Thank you ありがとう

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