Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Baby??

I suppose the title above, might be the way Rob ends up wording that question. Only if I told him I'm pregnant. But after more than 8 years as a couple, and 5+ years of marriage, I'm not. Though as a woman with a biological clock, I admit I fantasize about us having a child (often a son just like him, sometimes a daughter who would inherit my Hello Kitty collection).

I'm still reeling from that movie we went to see yesterday, and though it was a comedy, it definitely got me thinking about (potential) motherhood again. (In case you are wondering, I will come out and tell you: We are not trying to, nor are we 'trying not to'. I just seem to be not fertile and we've come to accept a childless marriage).

Anyway, for October 16's #Kawaii365 project, I again turned to my favorite digital art app, MS Paint, and created a baby! It's supposed to be androgynous so the baby can encase a son or a daughter and nobody feels excluded ^_^

Again, I would love to involve you, the readers, in choosing a baby name. Just for fun...what name would you come up with?

(I'd choose Dermot Ryszard for a boy, and August Elizabeth for a girl).

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