Saturday, 1 October 2016

And The Results Are In...

Konbanwa sweeties! *yawn* this is a late post, you're right. Today has been an eventful day, my mind is paralyzed, oh my!

I know today was going to be the start of the #KigurumiChallenge (seen below) but I was also one of the artists for today's #AlbertaCultureDays Chalk Art Festival (yaaay!)

This was a very exciting festival, despite the rainy weather we were having.

We had a very nice turnout, and I met some awesome fellow artists, so I am going to start by featuring them. I am going to start with our amazing winner of the gift certificate to Alberta Art and Drafting Supplies (and rightfully so, because I watched her skip lunch and put forth a huge deal of concern for her work. She also brought a whack of supplies and was willing to share, so kudos for being awesome Kara!)

About 30 min out from finish. Kara's piece is important because it talks of Endangered Species.

I love Mike's Captain Red Deer character!

Alysse's "I Have a Dinosaur for a Neighbour" is quite catching!

Amanda's Meandering River Landscape is just as stunning!

I appreciate all the detail Laura put forth in this one.

Sally did an outstanding job on this! Very sharp.

So Where is Daryl's (mine)?

Thanks for wondering. I decided, since this event went from 10am to 4pm, and then Rob picked me up so we had supper and I freshened up for work tomorrow. I didn't even really do housework. So, because of that time thing, I decided to let this be my #kawaii365 project to celebrate the first day of October (my favorite month!)

This photo was taken by a member of the Scott Block, where 3 of us artists were working. That is Kara squatting nearby, and the work in the forefront belongs to Amanda. The orange jacket is me ^_^

This next one is a 65% finished version, before I went on lunch.

This is when I thought maybe I was finished...

Then a great photographer named Scott Tilbury passed by, thankfully after I decided to add more

In addition to all the amazing talent of other artists above, we were also blessed with the presence of renowned professional chalk artist, Ian Morris. Here is his 3D whale:

As always my lovelies, thank you for your reading, loyalty and support. As you've seen on my Patreon page, I want nothing more than for you to genuinely enjoy these daily art projects.

Have a lovely everything! xoxo

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