Friday, 30 September 2016

It's Friday And We Say Goodbye to September

Konbanwa my lovely friends. Are you having a good evening? Good ^_^

Today I fell a little bit behind on the typical blog posts, because I was working my retail job, adding new items to my Etsy shop, and doing some housework. But you are important and I don't want to let a day go by that I don't give you smiles! (✿◠‿◠)

Firstly, I will start with my #kawaii365 daily project for the last day of September (already, wow!) which is a banana. Yes, a kawaii banana. I drew it with Microsoft Paint. Because, why not?

So there's that. And then, every Friday I like to feature another amazing person or group in the Kawaii Community, and today it's fellow blogger from World of Kawaii, and her URL is

Check it out for some really cute (sometimes even overwhelmingly cute!) office supply and home d├ęcor ideas. There are some awesome wishlists. Enjoy some pictures ^3^

Kawaii Pastel Poop Double Pencil Sharpener
Cute poop pencil sharpeners

Cute list book

Ice Cream Pen(s)

And tomorrow (Saturday, October 1)
is a really big day for me! Why?
Because I will be with 9 other artists
along the Ross Street Patio (downtown,
Red Deer) to be part of Alberta Culture
Days! Come on down to watch and talk!

Image result for alberta culture days 2016


  1. Ommmmmmmmg. You just totally made my day!!! This is so sweet of you, I am so honored to be featured by a wonderful blogger as you. Thanks for considering my blog. Your blog is awesome too, I surely hope you are aware of that ;D Keep it up with the good and inspiring work. :D Thank you once again :)

  2. Awwwwweeee! Thank you so much! I love compliments from super sweet people like you. It makes my whole day! I am in love with your blog, I check it often *blush* I wish I could fill my home office with cute stuff! I do pick up kawaii style items whenever I find them in stores and stuff, so someday I will probably do just that. Thank you for your inspiration xoxoxox