Thursday, 15 September 2016

What is Patreon?

Yes, I know you might be wondering what I am talking about, with this Patreon thing. I mean, you can easily view the blog for free, so why am I asking you to support the blog? Selfish, right?

No. I am actually thinking of you and what makes you smile. I get a lot of compliments from people, from co-workers to strangers, on how cute the blog is and what a happy, nice person I am. It's not about me and I don't want to sound obnoxious ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ. This blog is about you, what you like, what makes you happy, and how to apply 'kawaii' to your own life. I am thrilled to be able to give you free things like coloring sheets and other giveaways, but this blog costs money to run.

If I did this kawaii daily blog as a hobby, it likely wouldn't last long. With our increasing condo fees, mortgage, groceries, transportation, utilities and broken dishwasher, I would have to give up blogging for you and go back to working 2 jobs. Which is stressful. And I would be sad if I couldn't still make you happy. I like you, appreciate you and love sharing with you ^3^

So here is a better explanation of what Patreon is, and how it helps many up & coming young artists be able to keep their audiences smiling! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Thank you so much, even if you're just sharing this, I still very much appreciate you! xoxo

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